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It was the late 1800’s that a gentleman by the name of Charles Fey invented a new type of slots machine that allow a player to insert a coin, pull on a large metal arm and have 3 wheels spin with cards attached to the front in the hopes of winning a small jackpot. That machine (called the Liberty Bell for having a “Liberty Bell” as one of the symbols) for all intents and purposes was the first pokies machine and very quickly became popular among the American population at the time.

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It wasn’t however till the early 1900’s that the slot machines made the journey across the seas to New Zealand, and when it arrived it was a smash hit. Seeing this massive boom in popularity, an Australian company called Aristocrat employed a brilliant man by the name of Joe Heywood to design, develop and build their own game which became known as Clubman. In 1953, Clubman became wildly popular, with its sequel Clubmaster coming only 2 years later.

In 1954, the government of New South Wales legalised gaming machines in registered clubs and it was not long after that the industry bloomed. After that, there was a long period where not many new games out, and it wasn’t till the mid 1980’s that the first video slots rolled in. In New Zealand they were still called Poker Machines which was shortened over time to become ‘Pokies’.

Then with the advent of the internet and online casinos in the mid 90’s, casinos became online casinos and pokies became Online Pokies. Today you can download or play directly at an online casino or on your mobile phone no matter where you are. There are literally hundreds of Pokies games and themes to choose from and instant jackpot prizes, bonus mini games and added features. It is incredible to see how far Pokies have come from that first machine in the hands of Charles Fey.

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Just because Pokies games are on a mobile phone or installed on your PC, does not make the money from your jackpots any less real. You are able to play and win in the same way you would at any pub, club or casino. In fact the pay-out rates are far higher than that of a regular casino, with added free spins, progressive jackpots and mini games, your chances of winning are much bigger.

Free Pokies Facts

Free pokiesLas Vegas city is without doubt the best place to look for slot machines of all kinds and types. The variety of the machines is so big that you may get confused which one to choose and you will find it difficult to understand whether it is better than free pokies or not. To tell you the truth, to try popular Vegas-style pokies is the same as play free pokies online, however you must always remember some important facts about land-based slot machines. Just stop believing silly myths about pokies and your game will be a success.

  1. Some players are assured that the land slot machines are programmed so that the payouts and the pattern of wins are determined beforehand. This statement is false as all the slot machines and free casino pokies on the net are based on the RNG which guarantees that all the spin results are random and independent. So you can win the jackpot anywhen even if it has just been triggered.
  2. Unlike when you play free pokies online, you can play pokies using the special player card when you regularly visit land casino. There is a pokies myth that when you use this card, the payouts automatically become lower. But this is just a myth and the winning probabilities do not depend on the card you use.
  3. Some of the slot machines seem to be always loose while the other – always tight. This never can happen when you play slot for free as well if you play offline slot machines. It may seem that some machines pay out more often – this is because they are situated in the crowded places and people prefer to play there. The slot machines in some remote casino places can be winning as well. Anyway, everything depends on your impressions.
  4. It is also believed that the slot machines are tight during the busy days and vice versa. Again, this can’t be truth as to do this the casino staff need to open the slot machine and replace the computer chip. This is in fact considered illegal. All the slot machines are created to be loose enough so that the players will want to come back again and play. The same with the casino pokies free games in online casinos.
  5. Free casino pokies are sometimes considered to be looser that any games for real money including. This is one more myth. All the games are created equal for players to understand the rules, payout scheme, bonuses and extra features. So, if you play free pokies ts and then visit one of Las Vegas casinos, you will be familiar with almost all the machine characteristics.
  6. Finally, here is an advice for all the players who want try offline slot machines. If you are not satisfied with the small wins and hunt for jackpots, you surely must visit the casinos famous for quick growing progressive jackpots (which are not available if you want to play pokies for free). Also, no matter how much you love to be playing in Canada, don’t miss any chance to visit the popular Las Vegas destinations which are: the Stratosphere, the Golden Nugget, Casino Royale, the Mirage.

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